The Ocean Rescue Story

Ocean Rescue products are rooted deep in the ancient healing power of the sea. The powers of the ocean bring to you a new generation of therapeutically advanced formulations that set higher standards in the skincare industry by way of their targeted benefits. Cutting edge research has led to scientific advances and development resulting in the dynamic and multi-therapeutic Ocean Rescue skincare range.

Our products work in a systematic manner through an innovative network system. Every product within the network will achieve desired results when applied regularly. This state-of-the-art skincare network system targets signs of extrinsic aging and dryness with precise treatment and care.

A well hydrated, healthy and vibrant complexion speaks volumes about persona. You will start to feel a new-found confidence that reflects positively in everyday life and activities. Quality of Life Indexes (QLI’s) demonstrate that people with healthy and radiant skin are more likely to be happy and productive individuals. The skin is the largest organ of our body and is involved in complex physiological pathways, but most importantly it is the first line of defense, protecting us 24/7 from harmful external elements. Over time, the telltale signs of aging begin to appear. Taking a more proactive approach towards skincare begins today.

Your skin is a primary indicator of senescence (biological aging) and with the right skincare practices, extrinsic aging is remediable and the reward is age-defying skin.  Scientifically developed, Ocean Rescue aims to elevate skin care to a new level of rejuvenation, and helps avoid costly cosmetic procedures that carry risk and often backfire.

Efficacy, safety and high performance with evidence based active ingredients – that is the defining philosophy of Ocean Rescue.

Our multi-action line of marine derived, mineral rich products has been developed to address the signs of photodamaged (excessive exposure to the sun), unhealthy and dehydrated skin. They work singularly as a targeted treatment, or in combination as a grouped product system, classified according to skin concern, that either you or a skincare professional can apply regularly.

Our products are derived from naturally occurring ingredients and free from harmful toxins such as parabens and phalates, so that the outcome is a safe yet clinically effective line of products that target various components within the skin, thus achieving optimal results without any side-effects.

Embrace the dawning of a new age in skincare and let the ocean rescue you through the Beauty of Marine Science.