Here you will find The World of Algae.  It is authored by Mark Edwards, Professor of Environmental Resource Management at the Arizona State University College of Technology and Innovation.  Dr. Edwards writes a column entitled Algae 101 for and is the author of 13 books on the subject.  He was good enough to share his prolific writing on algae with us and allowed us to choose sections of his work that most closely align with Ocean Rescue.  You will see that we used a very loose definition as to what is related to our Company.  Seaweed, and by definition, algae, cover such a wide are of study, you will find research here that covers everything from the color of flamingos to the treatment of modern day illnesses.  We hope you enjoy his vast knowledge on the subject.  We’ve only scratched the surface here.  Look him up on Amazon if you wish to dive deeper into his work.

We also present in this section a few of the white papers and research studies we came across that we thought may be of interest to those of you wanting to learn more about the ocean than we can present on the pages of our website. This section is comprised entirely of the work of others. There is no relationship whatsoever with the authors of this work and Ocean Rescue. Some of the material is quite advanced and we have labeled it as such. In a few cases, you will find research claiming health benefits of one sort or another. We never endorse these claims. We present it only as informative reading and leave it to you to decide on the value of what has been written. 

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