History & Education

We hope you find this section of the website interesting. If you are looking for information about our products, this is not the area where you’ll find it. This section is more about why we created Ocean Rescue. Mankind has a long history of harnessing the elements of the ocean to make life better. The ancient Greeks didn’t know why things got better when they used seawater, they just knew it worked. We know much more today.

Here you will find information about how our bodies and the ocean are related, a brief history and how our understanding of the health benefits of the ocean have evolved, and some very cool educational resources. We found a great video to start with from one of those educational sites, Ocean Classrooms.  Ocean Rescue and Ocean Classrooms are not related in any way, but we do think they are a great resource.  Turn up the sound and watch what they do.  You’ll find other educational information in the Research/Links section of our site.