About Ocean Rescue

The science of marine-based skincare has taken a quantum leap.  Ocean Rescue products achieve transformative results through marine-based active ingredients.

Life originated within our oceans. This vast body of water, abundant with minerals and nutrients has been sustaining life since primeval time.  Ocean Rescue harnesses this life-giving force of nature through the formulation of natural products benefiting skin health and wellbeing, safely and effectively.

The concept for Ocean Rescue began along the white sands of New York’s Montauk coastline and California’s beaches of Monterey and Del Mar.  The step towards bringing the concept to life took several years of development under the guidance of master formulators having decades of experience in the field of marine science and skin care.

We live in a new world and a new era where we control our destiny and have the ability to structure our health choices to control signs of aging and maintain a harmonious environment for optimal skin health.

Ocean Rescue is all about high performance skin care through evidence-based active ingredients. We strive to achieve transformative results using the multitude of benefits that are derived from marine-based extracts.  Powerful marine actives are sourced sustainably and work synergistically with nutrient rich botanicals and essential vitamins to ensure the health and vitality of skin’s cells.

After years of meticulous research, we now offer a range of advanced retail products and more than 50 related professional products all designed to transform your skin, advance the processes of rejuvenation and provide ultimate protection from environmental stressors that accelerate the signs of aging.

Ocean Rescue is constantly evolving and planning ahead.  We will continue to innovate and create, ardently hoping to see our products benefit people from coast to coast and around the world.

Alan Sparks
Ocean Rescue Spa Products